Himika Bhasin

Health & Counselling Psychologist

M.Sc. Health Psychologist

"Emotions are not negative or positive, you can’t put them on a spectrum, where one is good or one is bad. All of them are natural. However an overdose of either can be infectious."

Himika Bhasin (she/her) has done her BA Honors from Delhi Univeristy and her MSc from King’s College London. She believes that mental health is as important as physical health is to an individual. Her ideology is stemming from a basic question, “if an individual can visit a GP for having cold/cough, then why can’t an individual visit a mental health practitioner for there mental health being upset” 

When an individual is living through a long term, chronic illness, it is very natural that their mental health as well as their families mental health will take a toll. Therefore it is essential to equip not just the individual but the family too, as to how they can make life better alongside the illness

I like my client to feel that they are in a safe space, where they can take their time and tell whatever comes to their mind, judgement free.

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