FineAlly’s Pledge

This is the pledge that I take as a part of FineAlly:

I pledge to be mindful of my actions, acknowledge my biases and grow from the insight I get from feedback and self-reflection.

About FineAlly

FineAlly is a wellness platform that provides a safe space to individuals seeking to enhance their wellbeing or those who need support in getting through difficult times. Here, we provide wellness and mental health services. These services are provided in the form of online, phone and in-person counselling sessions, consultations, information on mental health, and mental health products.

Our aim is to make mental health services more accessible through our services and communication. We hope to engage in conversations about topics traditionally stigmatized. By doing so, we can generate awareness on these important issues while presenting viable solutions.

About FineAlly’s Founder

I am Archita Sobti, the founder of FineAlly. As a counselling psychologist, I have been working in the field of mental health since 2012. I have worked with diverse age groups and socio-economic sections. I have experience in working with diverse mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, insomnia, relationships and dementia, and other mental health concerns. My work has been to improve wellbeing and help individuals be more productive, manage time better and deal with stress. In addition, I work to help individuals embrace their identity, explore LGBTQAI+ and related concerns, work on relationships issues and improve their quality of life.

In my journey, I have learnt that both pain as well as resilience do not discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, educational qualification or family background. All of us at times struggle, and at times show resilience. This quality of human nature to survive, adapt and be resilient offers hope to us when we are down. We are not born equal, our circumstances are not equal and neither is our pain. But every person has the right to feel each emotion as it may come. Whether it is it happiness, anxiety, stress or sadness. Every individual also has a right to get support in their time of need.