FineAlly is your Mental Health Specialist. We specialize in online and offline counselling and therapy. Our team of psychologists and counsellors provide excellent mental health care. You are welcome to reach out to us for any concerns, big or small. We are here for you with open arms and ears. You can write to us at [email protected] for any queries or concerns. 

Our Mental Health Experts

Archita Sobti Khan

Counselling Psychologist & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Anjali Mutreja

Counselling Psychologist

Client Experiences

“The session helped me a lot and also made me feel heard with absolute no judgement, it was a very comfortable environment, it helped me gaining insights and supportive one on one session”

– Anushtha, 19 years

“Miss Archita’s sessions have helped me immensely/tonnes. I am very much thankful for her support through all my struggles during low phases. I really can’t forget the days when I used to cry massively and she was the one who could understand me and listened to my endless fears and thoughts. Even people close to me couldn’t help me get through it, but she was the one who lit my life gracefully.

I was able to overcome the worst of my depression just because of the most humble woman, Miss Archita. I had and always have an excellent experience in taking sessions with her.

Thanks a lot for being a part of my life journey and thanks for making it easier.”

– Rhythm, 24 years

“Mental Health has long been a “taboo subject”, and one that has always been looked down upon or ignored even. Fortunately, now it is at the forefront with so many people all over the world coming forward with a bevy of such issues and problems.

My own problems weren’t far behind, and Archita was right there to answer the call each and every time. It wasn’t just being there that helped, it’s actively listening and also, equipping me with certain tips and tricks in cases of emergencies or urgencies, to be able to calm down and handle the issue at hand. Further, the ability to look at and gauge circumstances from not just one, but multiple perspectives and points of view is another big learning from the entire journey.

Cannot thank Archita enough for helping me acknowledge, understand and work through my own mental health issues, with such kindness and care.”

– Arjun, 27 years (Name changed)

The Process of Therapy


Chief Therapist and Founder, Archita

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Level 2 trained in TEAM CBT

A Counselling Psychologist and CBT therapist with over 12 years as a Mental Health expert, Archita Sobti integrates different evidence-based approaches with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy of CBTi, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Supportive Psychotherapy. She is inspired by trauma-informed and queer – affirmative approach to counselling and therapy. She is certified as a Level 2 practitioner of TEAM CBT (pioneered by Dr David Burns). 

    Book a 10 mins consultation call with Archita to understand the process of therapy, ask your queries and start your therapy journey.

    Why Choose Therapy?

    No Judgement


    Work Toward Your Goals

    Improve Self Worth


    Be Heard

    Find a Safe Space

    Reflect & Gain Insights


    Adopt Health Coping

    When is it time to seek counselling or therapy with a Mental Health Specialist?

    Mental Health Specialists can provide a varied range of services apart from treatment of mental disorders. This includes supportive therapy, self-improvement or goal-oriented therapy, as well as a space to share and resolve everyday problems. Yet, reaching out to a mental health specialist can feel daunting to many people. This is because counselling and therapy is often perceived as a last resort. “I don’t need counselling, things are not THAT bad” or “You are strong, try managing on your own” are statements that may sound familiar. However, reaching out to a mental health specialist shows initiative and a will to improve things, meet challenges and improve your quality of life. It is definitely not a weakness. You can take our test to see if you may benefit from counselling.

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