Archita Sobti Khan

Counselling Psychologist & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

M.A. Clinical Psychology | Level 2 TEAM CBT Trained

“In my journey, I have learnt that both pain as well as resilience do not discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, educational qualification or family background. All of us at times struggle, and at times show resilience. This quality of human nature to survive, adapt and be resilient offers hope to us when we are down. We are not born equal, our circumstances are not equal and neither is our pain. But every person has the right to feel each emotion as it may come. Whether it is happiness, anxiety, stress or sadness. Every individual also has a right to get support in their time of need.”

I am Archita (she/her), the founder of FineAlly. As a counselling psychologist, I have been working in the field of mental health since 2012. I have worked with diverse age groups and socio-economic sections.

I believe that therapy is for everyone. I choose to take therapy and admit that therapy can be hard work. I chose the field of mental health and counselling when I realised that I enjoyed and took pride in helping my friends and others around me. While compassion and empathy came naturally to me, there were many other skills that I had to hone before becoming a great therapist. 

I work with adults of all ages usually with sub-clinical populations as well as individuals with depression and anxiety. I help people with problems in relationships and communication difficulties.  Other areas I am comfortable and work with are addictions and trauma. I also believe in self care and wellbeing and love working in wellness areas such as building confidence, habits, life transitions, work related issues, decision making, reducing stress, sleeping well and self esteem, etc. to positively impact wellbeing and quality of life. I have also worked with older adults with dementia and post stroke rehabilitation. 

I believe that I am a good fit as a therapist for these concerns as I possess the required knowledge and skills as I have gathered them over the years. I have experience in my work with clients as well as in my work on myself.  I strongly believe that to be a good therapist, I must do self work by recognizing the areas of improvement for myself, and working through them with self love and acceptance.

I am a queer affirmative therapist and I have worked with LGBTQ populations and welcome those with diverse and minority sexual, religious or social identities.

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