Anjali Mutreja

Counselling Psychologist

M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology

“I truly believe that we as humans and as dynamic individuals feel so many different kinds of emotions, go through a roller-coaster of experiences in our lives and ‘feel’ so intensely that situations at times can be overwhelming and we as social beings require someone to talk to! It's in moments like those when we seek the right kind of support that makes all the difference!

I feel every person is unique and beautiful in their own way. And everybody has a different story to be told and mystery to be solved just like having a different key to each lock! But sometimes people need help in solving this puzzle called life. I embrace this uniqueness and individuality in people and try to help them in the same way, as much as I can so that they’re able to lead beautiful lives and remain mentally healthy and happy!

As a teenager, I had seen some of my loved ones really struggle and suffer a lot emotionally as well as mentally. Eventually, they went on to seek professional help. And, when I noticed how therapy had helped them constructively overcome their issues and seeing how beautiful their lives had turned out to be, it really moved me and led me to take up counselling as a career path. And, there has been no stopping since then! The subject of Psychology and my attempts to understand human behaviour has taught me major life lessons and has changed me as an individual! Therefore, I have a personal connection with the field and with every client that I deal with, I try my best to guide and support them to the best of my abilities so that no person suffers and people actually ‘live’ and celebrate this event called life! 

I work with individuals from all walks of life. My dealings as a therapist involve (but are not limited to) working with concerns such as Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Lifestyle Issues, Career-Related Issues, Relationship and Family concerns, Mood disorders, Personality issues, General guidance and so on. I’m open to working with individuals from various backgrounds, age groups and communities including the LGBTQAI+ community. 

I believe in following an eclectic and a holistic therapeutic approach with my clients, taking into account techniques from different styles of therapy and one that fulfills demands of individual clients. I feel that is the best and the most constructive way to go about it. Being flexible in terms of therapeutic techniques and using one’s knowledge and skills to best suit the client’s needs and interests is of utmost importance and I constantly strive to achieve such expertise and be able to provide suitable and satisfactory treatment. Also, following a diverse and eclectic approach provides me, as a therapist, an edge above other professionals in the field as i’m able to fit a much varied and a wider client-base and cater to their needs in a better manner. 

What makes me a good fit for my clients is that I possess the required knowledge, skills and the ability to provide the right kind of support to each client. And when I provide therapy and counselling, I don’t just do it for the sake of doing my job. I truly engage deeply in the therapy process and learn a lot from my clients as well which fosters mutual growth and development for both myself as well as for my clients and brings out the best in us as individuals! This way the counselling process becomes even more fruitful and constructive!

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